Bradford, Ontario

I just wanted to mention how disgusting my experience was trying to find store management at Bass Pro in Vaughan. Not sure what happened to the customer service at Bass Pro in the past year as ive been shopping there since 2004 but its gotten clearly ridiculous.

Never expected a company like bass pro to have no one scheduled to help more than 1 customer at a time when in need of assistance. I waited around like a *** for 45 mins. to speak to store management Shaun and he was apparently on a coffee break, i gave up and ask for the assistant manager of camping or fishing and apparently they don't even have one. So I am directed to the customer service desk to speak with (Terry) a manager on duty and there he is at the customer service desk telling off a customer trying to return a fishing rod.

Just Nuts..

You will never see me in Bass Pro Shops Vaughan again, thank god for the competitors..

Big Box = Less Service at Bass Pro..

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Manager.

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I was looking to buy a Rifle - so i took a number and waited like a fool for half an hour an the sign didn't move at all. I had at least two sales guys walk past me avoiding eye contact...

I guess it's a game they play to see how long it will take for the customers to give up..

it is a circus. Blow me Bass Pro


Completely agree. I had a complain about a month ago in regards to the poor customer service I received.

Sent email to their General Manager Shawn Hewitt - no answer. Sent another email to him - again no answer. Went into the store and he refused to see me. I've heard since then that I shouldn't be surprised.

He treats customers and employees all the same but for some reason - Head Office keeps him around.

I'm not the first to stop shopping there and I won't be the last. If the General Manager can treat customers that way - it's no wonder the whole store is going downhill.