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A friend of mine took my boat to Bass pro in Mesa, AZ for me since I'm working out of town to have a new lower unit installed over a month ago. This is a boat we bought from them new, a 21 foot Nitro that's been garage keep since bought.

So I get a call from the Mesa AZ store telling me my boat is ready for pick up, I ask the guy are your sure its all good and in working order, his response was its good, I tell him ok because I'm working in Amarillo, TX and its over 700 miles and a 11 hours to drive to pick up the boat, he tells me once again its all good. So once I get there I notice both consoles, are sun bleached along with the steering wheel and the seats are starting to crack not to mention they scratched the *** out of one of the fiber glass fenders. So come to find out they kept the boat outside from the end of July to the end of August without covering it, We all know what the AZ sun can do this time of year. Now the stance Bass Pro is taking is its not their responsibly to cover the boats and its their policy.

After this conversation I decided I had better take the boat to the lake to test it out before the next morning since I had to haul it back to Texas with me. Well guess what the boat wont come out of a idle so back to Bass Pro I go, now I'm being told another $490 the motor will be fixed, when they already told me the boat was fixed at the sound of $2,500 the first time. They have no care how far I had to drive to pick up my boat or how far I'll have to drive again. All this being said, I'll have a damaged boat that they caused along with a total of 44 hours of driving 1,440 miles and just under $1,000 in fuel for what because they could care less about their costumers after they get the sale.

Also I called their corporate office today spoke with Shelly Bassham she wouldn't even hear me out, all she would say is Bass Pro didn't damage my boat. How would she even know? She's not even in AZ at the Mesa store, so don't know why shelly wouldn't even hear what I had to say. I then asked if I could leave a voice mail for owner John Morris?

She said no. I then asked her if I could send him a certified letter? Shelly tells me I can but she gets all the mail and the buck basically stops with her. After spending thousands and thousands over the years across the U.S this is how I get treated.

Never in my life will I spend another penny in any of their stores they have zero care for their customers after they make their sale.

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You are not the only customer that is not happy with "Satiation Guaranteed" BPS professes. Once the sell is complete the seem to care less.