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The first time experience with buying arrows for my inherited bow went horribly. I showed up to the counter with my arrows that I had studied up on.

I saw the manager getting angry with the counter worker as he had apparently messed up some customer's bow and had to redo something. I continued to wait for about 8 minutes for him to acknowledge my presence even though he saw me with something in my hands waiting. He was just that rattled. He asked what he could do for me.

I told him I would like these arrows cut and handed him the arrows. I bought them and he asked what length. I told him "30 inch shaft". He said okay.

I asked if I could come back after I finished getting everything else I wanted. He said okay. As I was leaving. He said, "Wait, how long again?

30?" "Yes, 30" When I came back, I picked up the arrows and made my other purchases before leaving. I live 2 hours away. When I got home to prep my arrows, I noticed a different length. Too short.

I measured the shaft and he measured from the nock. I called customer support. They said he was in the clear because it is standard to cut to the nock length. I researched and they were right.

My complaint is that he was unable to help me like a true professional. Anyone with a clear mind and/or experience would have confirmed that. I don't blame him so much as my lack of research and poor leadership skills from the manager.

You should never shame someone in front of customers or in front of others. Also, maybe change your name to Bass Amateur Shops.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We are so sorry to hear about your experience in one of our stores. Bass Pro Shops always strives to provide the best possible service and we hate to hear about anytime we have failed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our customers come first, and that is something our corporate leadership and retail management have built into our culture. If you are able, please email us at and one of our team members will get any additional information about your experience so our management can take action. Thank you for thinking of us, we hope to see you again soon.

Have a great day. -AA

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