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Internet showed gurnee iliinois store had 30 boxes of CCI QUIET22 ammo. I live about 9 miles away. Called to verify before going over. About month ago. Salesman checked computer. Showed 30 boxes in stock. He looked. Not on display nor in back store room.

About 2 weeks ago i checked internet then stopped by store since shopping in area repeat. On computer. Guy couldn't find them. He said I could order as much as I wanted. I asked if I had to pay for the 4 boxes I wanted , first. Hecsaid yes. $3.99 each. On internet other stores sell it for $1.99 a box. I told him if I had to pay $8.00 more plus would have to burn up 'more gas and my time coming back, I might as well order the ammo on line, delivered to my house for $10.00 shipping.

I emailed bass pro.no reply asking when they would get more ammo in versus ghost inventory. No response. Last week internet check showed zero inventory at gurnee store.

Cabelas. About 8 yrs ago. Looking for ATI collapsible-6 position stock for a rifle of mine. Was on sale for $119. From $129. I checked the ATI site. Retail was listed as $109. WOW. Charge $20 over retail.drop it $10.00 so people who don 't check before they buy,over pay on a "sale price".. a month latter found same stock on internet for $80.00 plus $9.00 shipping. Look before you buy

Product or Service Mentioned: Bass Pro Shops Customer Care.

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Reviews from 8 years ago? Geez you people carry quite a grudge!

Others expecting to buy one set of footwear for the family and then never having to buy another set. No wonder the lifetime (against defects) warranty went away! I don’t like Cabelas/BassPro because they are overpriced and customer service is lacking a lot of times in the different stores I’ve been in but so many of you come off as being self-entitled and pretentious. Retail is one of those businesses that while you have to deal with the customers THEY have to deal with YOU as well!

When I shop I try not to be the one that causes stress to people working there. Many commenters here seem to delight in being ignorant and difficult.

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