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picked out a tracker on april 2nd. I added $2700.00 extra's.

At the time, (april 2 ) there was a promo for a $5oo gift card when you buy the boat.This was written into contract. I placed a down payment, and left waiting for installment of extra's. B pro called me and asked why they still had the boat, told them, waiting on the extras to be installed. when I called back in a couple of weeks they had the parts but weren't putting them on for another week.

Finally picked up boat on 4/27. $500.00 gift card would come in 6 weeks. NO CArd AS of 7/2 - called general manager -5 times never gets back to me, stalls, and now says promotion ended before I PICKED UP BOAT. I WOULD HAVE TAKEN THE BOAT APRIL 2 IF THEY HAD IT READY.

I put the down on it, paid cash on pick up day, nothing was said about me picking it up before a certain date.

Now all I get is the run around. If just one person goes to another dealer to buy their boat that will be great.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I am going through the same thing except I bought my boat on 4-4-14 this promotion ended on 4-15-14 I picked my boat up on 4-7-14 to keep me from getting my gift card the dealer told bass pro that I didnt buy the boat until 4-18-14 however I have a notarized billof sale, tag receipt and papers from my bank showing the true date I bought the boat.