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It seems that Bass Pro is running a scam? You get great offers in the mail luring you to the store (No pun intended) When you arrive at the store part of the catch is that you apply for the Bass Pro Mastercard. You get all of your purchases together, after spending a great deal of time trying to find an employee to assist you, only to have your application denied? But I have perfect credit you... Read more

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I love the shop itself and go there frequently, just to get a dose of "feel good". I'm an active shooter and also frequently buy a new gun. However, not at this shop for the reasons mentioned in the title. It's as if they think that nobody knows other seller's prices, including online vendors and shops like Rural King. Let me repeat, they require 80 words or more. I love the shop itself and go... Read more

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I had a good time at basspro Add comment

Went Friday February 12, 2016 at 9 am to participate in rod and reel trade in at Bolingbrook store. I was interested in the MOJO Bass Spinning Rod. When I got to the rack, a customer had the last MOJO spinning rod. The rack had all Bait casting rods. I asked a clerk if he had any in the back. His response was " We only had one". Since I turned in my rod and reel, I was forced to look for... Read more

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I will do all of my business w/ other companies now. Bass Pros sister company blue green has constantly harassed me w/ phone calls. They are pushy & don't stop even after you ask them to. A lot of people have been scammed by this resort company. Do not sign up for any sweepstakes at Bass Pro or this will happen to you. Add comment

I can't believe bass pro has partnered up w/ blue green. The blue green company gets away w/ harassment & fraud on a daily basis. If the feds do not get involved it is going to cause people to take justice into their own hands. Add comment

My check was declined on 2-6-2016 at the Kodak, Tn., was on a Saturday. The cashier couldn't tell me why. Paid with a credit card but my weekend was ruined because I had just been to the bank on Friday and new there was plenty to cover the petty $104.00 charge. Made my husband and me feel all weekend if our account had been tampered with. First thing Monday spoke with the bank and was told that... Read more

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I can not take the survey and this is not the first I can never get in what is going on with this sight thank you Add comment

Quoted $200 for motor maintenance, but charged $350. Quite didn't include parts. Terrible policy. Very shady. Add comment

i drove over 100 miles today to visit my nearest bass pro shop in Little Rock. Ar.....upon checking out,,, the sales person circled hios name, and the survey info, so i could fill out this survey to win $500.00 gift card.......i have tried every bass pro address on the ticket, and found none of the sites, would let me fill out the info for the gift certificate.... this should be something easy... Read more

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