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Bass Pro Shops
Main address: 2500 East Kearney 65898 Springfield Missouri
1-800-920-4400, 417-873-5060,
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I went to buy a gun holster, and they treat me like a criminal. They lock my gun. They told me to bring my magazine to the car. Also they didn't let me walk the store , when I pay for holster they hold my gun until they walk me out the store...

  • Jul 05
  • Shopping
  • Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • Bad Service
  • 2

When to the store for the first time and in my way in spoke with the greeting person what was the in store concealed carry. He ask me if it was clear I say yes, then he say Ok after that he say Naaa bring magazine to ur car . I did that then he say we'll I guess I don't like that either let me lock ur gun. I processed to let him do so. Then I went to the gun area to buy a holster . The... Read more

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  • Jul 03
  • Shopping
  • Customer Service
  • 6

I bought a float tube from Bass and it popped. I was under warranty and they said to send it back and they will get one to me in 2-3 months!!! Who has that much time to waste. So I said I will just buy a replacement bladder for 30 bucks. No big deal. They came back and said "We don't have them in stock for another 30 days." So I wait 30 days contact them again "Oh we still don't have them... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Shopping
  • Miami, Florida
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 6

Theres this guy Javier in the camping department who is just so rude. Theres a couple of other associates that are nice and pretty helpful. But, whenever this guy Javier is there it always seems to be a big hassle. He just has a really nasty attitude and treats people like if they are ***. I don't need to be treated like that when i'm spending good money there. I love camping and it's great how... Read more

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There is an associate at Bass pro shops camping department. His name is Javier Bentancourt and this guy has a real attitude problem . I asked a couple of workers what is his problem , and I was told that he is just an all around *** . And apparently they lose a lot of customers because of him . Well bass pro has definitely lost me as a customer. If they have guys like this working there I don't...

Bought a 22 marlin rifle that was missing butt plate had receipt but was told it "never left store in that condition".

  • Jun 28
  • Shopping
  • Awful Service
  • 10

I've been in the local store a total of four times and each time I can expect the same awful service. That is if u can find someone who will help you. You have to ask. The greeter guy at the front never says hello to females just the guys and I know this because I purposely wait for someone a group of guys to go ahead in front of me upon entering the turn style. Then he says hello to them I... Read more

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  • Jun 21
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Springfield, Missouri
  • Treatment Of Truck Drivers
  • 26

Thursday June 19th 2014 I was making a delivery to BassPro warehouse in Springfield Mo. I am not UPS I have a fully loaded 53 ft. trailer and we are their 2 to 4 hrs getting unloaded and as it happens to me often since I am 69 yrs old I got a sudden urge that I had to get to the restroom like now,the lady in receiving was nice and let me in to use the restroom but security made a big deal of it... Read more

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Purchased boat 2012. Been in shop over 500 days for dream turned nightmare.poorest service ever.had to beg for everthing

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